Satterfield hopes to get Mack back for prank


Chris Mack surprised Scott Satterfield.

The Louisville men’s basketball coach played a bit of a prank on the Louisville football coach after he was named Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) Coach of the Year last week. Mack posted a seven-second video on Twitter of him putting the finishing touches of wrapping toilet paper around a tree in Satterfield’s front yard.

“You got it?” Christi Mack, the men’s basketball coach’s wife asks.

“Yeah, I got it,” Chris Mack says as he approaches the camera.

Satterfield, who was on the road recruiting, first saw the video on Twitter.

“I thought it was pretty funny by him and his wife, I was really surprised, it was late at night,” Satterfield said. “You get back and think about it, here’s the basketball coach of the number one team in the country going out putting toilet paper in the head football coach’s yard. I think it’s pretty comical.”

Mack didn’t initially get a text message from Satterfield. Mack received a text around midnight saying his garage door was open.

“Christi went out to the door that leads out to the garage and there was about 40 pounds of toilet paper on our step,” Mack said. “They were smart to get it out of the trees and off gutters and out of the pine trees before the morning because it rained.”

Mack joked that he shouldn’t have tweeted the video because it would have made life harder for him. Satterfield enjoyed the practical joke, saying Mack is a great guy with a great family.

“I have enjoyed the time this year hanging out with those guys. Not only professionally, but personally, just fun to be around,” Satterfield said. “I think we have a lot of those type coaches in the athletic department. Vince has done a great job with this staff. It’s fun coming to work every single day with the group of coaches we have.”

Satterfield plans to get Mack back, but wants it to be something worthwhile.

"I want it to be a big time situation," Satterfield said. "Hopefully we will put another banner up and when we do that, we are going to demolish his yard."