Scott Satterfield says Louisville's schedule is "challenging"


Scott Satterfield joked that Louisville football’s 2020 schedule is a piece of cake. The Cardinals will play seven teams that won eight or more games last season, along with two teams that finished in the top 15 of the national rankings in Clemson and Notre Dame.

Louisville’s schedule was released last week.

“We knew what teams we would be playing, we just didn’t know when. It’s going to be a challenging schedule,” Satterfield said. “When I go back last year it was challenging when we started that season as well. You never know what the teams have or what they have coming back, you don’t know what their chemistry may be.”

Louisville opens the season with consecutive conference games against NC State and Clemson. The Cardinals last opened a season against a conference opponent in 2014.

Satterfield hopes his team will have a better sense of urgency and heightened awareness in the season opener against NC State because it’s a divisional opponent.

“Our first game this year you’re playing a conference game right off the bat against a team that we know is really talented,” Satterfield said. “They were injured a lot last year. You have to be ready right off the bat because those games really count.”

After hosting NC State Thursday Sept. 3, the Cardinals travel to Clemson seeking their first win at Death Valley. Satterfield said opening the season against two conference opponents doesn’t matter to him because every game is big.

“The approach never changes,” Satterfield said. “You’re going to take the same approach in the offseason, you’re going to work as hard as you can possibly work. We play one game at a time.”