Patience helping outside linebacker Patrick Hisatake navigate through recruitment


Maryland jumped into the mix early for Westview (Or.) three-star outside linebacker Patrick Hisatake back in April when position coach Brawley Evans first connected with the 6-foot-5, 240-pound athlete. That early offer helped the Terps remain in the mix as Hisatake becomes one of a handful of Maryland targets on the west coast this cycle.

The athleticism and that Hisatake brings to the front seven is a big reason why he’s turned into a coveted recruit this cycle. Though the linebacker target released a top ten of Arizona State, Boise State, Cal, Kansas, Maryland, Michigan, Nebraska, UCF, UCLA, Utah last month, he has since backed off and will release a top eight this summer.

“So far, just been keeping in touch with my top schools: Kansas, Boise State, UCLA, Kansas, Cal, Arizona State, Maryland, Nebraska, Colorado, UCF,” Hisatake told AllTerrapins. While the extended dead period has prevented him from seeing most schools in that top group, Hisatake is in no rush to decide.

“I’m just staying patient. Just want to get out and see these schools in person, so I’m not rushing,” he added. “My goal is to get to all the schools in that top group.”

Meanwhile, the Terps are looking for another linebacker to pair opposite side of current commit Gereme Spraggins. “He still sees me as an outside ‘backer in their 3-4. I think he thinks that Maryland isn’t in my top schools,” Hisatake joked,” but I’m looking forward to getting there and building my relationship more. We’ve been texting, getting on the phone. He sees my potential in becoming a great player and I have the skillset to fit with them.”

Maryland’s chances are largely contingent on Hisatake making it to campus, but with the cross-country trek, does distance matter.

“Distance is not a factor. Having that relationship with the coaches,” he told AllTerrapins. “A lot of them have different defenses, 3-4 or 4-3, but scheme right now isn’t as important to me. I just want to go to the school I feel most comfortable because at the end of the day, it’s about feeling comfortable at the school itself and then getting developed.”

Hisatake does not have a timeline for a decision.

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No. 1-4

I want this kid in our class



Have said it before. Brawley's ability to find talent across the country has helped Maryland get into the mix for some talent over the years.

Papi Chulo
Papi Chulo

This kid is criminally underrated, he moves extremely well for someone his size


Glad to have Brawley on the case. Hope he can reel Hisatake in