Five-Star Harrison Ingram Explains Why Michigan Is Still In The Mix


Dallas St. Mark's five-star small forward Harrison Ingram has narrowed his list down again and Michigan is still in the mix.

Along with the Wolverines, Ingram is also still considering Harvard, Howard, North Carolina, Purdue and Stanford. With no local schools in the mix, it seems to be anyone's game. With Stanford, U-M and Harvard on the list, it's clear education is a big part of Ingram's picture as well. It's a very interesting group of six finalists to say the least, but an argument could be made that Michigan provides the best blend of athletics and academics.

In the past, Ingram has spoken very highly of Saddi Washington. Ingram even refers to Washington as "my guy" when speaking about the U-M assistant.

"I've known him for a while but we're still in the beginnings of building a strong relationship," Ingram said back in late-June. "He always tells the truth no matter how hard it is and overall he's just a great guy. He is really down to Earth and relates to all of his players." 

That relationship is obviously in a good spot now as U-M remains in the hunt and that, along with a few other reasons, are why Ingram is still considering the maize and blue.

"[Michigan made the cut because of] the NBA pedigree of the coaches, the great education and the opportunity to play right away," Ingram said after including U-M in his final group.

One thing is certain — Michigan is making Ingram a priority. The 6-6, 210-pounder is the No. 13 player in the country and No. 4 small forward nationally, so he was obviously a priority for a lot of schools. Now, only six schools have a shot and Michigan is one of them. Juwan Howard has done a great job getting into the mix for these types of players, now it's time to close on one of them.

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No. 1-1

Due to the financial realities of college sports, Michigan isn't going to get a top 25 or even a top 50 player most years. I'm getting tired of all these top kids putting Michigan on their list, possibly driving slightly less talented players away, only to sign with a dirty program when they make their "big announcement."

NIL should make it better. But how much better?