Make A Choice: Nik Stauskas Or Duncan Robinson

Brandon Brown

Duncan Robinson and Nik Stauskas are two of the best shooters in Michigan history both from three-point range and from the free throw line.

Robinson finished his Michigan career as an 86.4% shooter from the charity stripe and was usually pretty clutch from wherever he stood on the floor. Those skills have spilled over to the NBA where he's now a bonafide starter for the Miami Heat.

Even though Stauskas shot a slightly worse percentage from the free throw line, he'd probably be described as more clutch than Robinson. His 83.2% is still damn good but a few points below Robinson's mark.

So here's the scenario:

Michigan is down by two points with less than a second to play. The shooter of your choice just got fouled while going to the basket and is now shooting two. Who would you rather have shooting those game-winning free throws — Stauskas or Robinson?

My Pick

Despite being slightly worse at the line, I'm taking Stauskas. 

I loved and still love watching Duncan Robinson shoot the ball, but Stauskas was a killer while at Michigan. If you search Google, there is photo after photo of Stauskas scowling and chirping at the opponent after knocking down a big shot or driving to the lane to finish over someone. 

I know that doesn't make you a better free-throw shooter, but I do think it gives a player more confidence and Stauskas was overflowing with swagger while in Ann Arbor.

If I need a three pointer at the buzzer, a hard drive to the hole with time winding down or two free throws to snatch a victory out of the jaws of defeat, I'm taking Stauskas.