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Video & Analysis: Juwan Howard Has High Expectations For Colin Castleton

Sophomore big man Colin Castleton could be in line for a breakout season.

Michigan head basketball coach Juwan Howard spoke with the media on Thursday afternoon and had some really good things to say about a few of his players. Sophomore Colin Castleton was one of the players who received rave reviews from Howard 

Brown's Breakdown

I’ve always been a big fan of Castleton and his game. In fact, I even made a declaration about him earlier this year during Michigan’s game against Nebraska…

I remember watching Castleton's high school film and thinking that he looked pretty darn good but was quite thin. Then once at Michigan, the same things were true — Castleton possessed a lot of talent but needed to add some strength and weight. 

He got a little bit of run last year as a freshman and really showed flashes of what I think could be a very promising future. Howard seems to think the same based on what he said about him today and his past conversations with John Beilein. I'm very excited to see how good Castleton is in year two.

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I put out there that Castleton will be a star in year three, but under Howard it might happen this season. The versatile big man has the size to play center but also possesses the skills and versatility to play the four. It's going to be really interesting to see how much of a jump he took from last year to this year.

How good do you think Castleton can be? What kinds of numbers do you think he'll put up? Comment below!!!