Video: Zavier Simpson Talks Turnovers, Short-Term Memory

Brandon Brown

For three years under John Beilein, senior point guard Zavier Simpson rarely turned the ball over. Turnovers haven't necessarily been an epidemic for Michigan's front man, but he's been a little more careless with the ball this year.

Last season, Simpson turned the ball over just twice per game — 74 total turnovers in 37 games. The year before that, he was even more careful with the ball turning it over just 61 times in 41 games — 1.49 times per contest. This year, he already has 34 turnovers in nine games, which comes out to 3.8 per outing. He had a career high eight turnovers against Iowa State, albeit in a win, but it's definitely something we haven't seen from Simpson before.

Juwan Howard has employed a more free-flowing system, and Simpson handles the ball far more than anyone, but the turnover numbers have still been somewhat high. Luckily for Michigan fans, nothing rattle Simpson. He's a seasoned veteran and the undisputed leader of the team. That confidence and experience allows him to play through small or large mistakes, which he explained to the media on Tuesday afternoon.

What have you seen from Simpson this season? Do you think the turnovers will decrease? Comment below!!!