2022 DE Daniel Owens Ecstatic To Receive Michigan Offer

Eric Rutter

Throughout the offseason, Towson (Md.) Calvert Hall defensive end Daniel Owens has been working hard to take what was a strong sophomore campaign and turn it into an even more dominant junior season.

During the summer months, Owens has focused on improving both his footwork and his hands while also finding time to lift in the gym and work on his speed. To that extent, Owens now checks in at 6-3 and 230 pounds and has been hearing from a host of Power Five programs. Most recently, Michigan entered his recruitment with a scholarship offer on Tuesday.

“I was obviously surprised and grateful for it,” Owens told Wolverine Digest. “I had no clue they had any interest in me because in this dead period, they can't really message me or anything. My coach just texted me and said he had some good news.”

That good news turned into scholarship offer No. 11 for the rising 2022 defensive end prospect. Though Maryland is currently part of the Big Ten, Owens is not overly well versed in what Michigan has to offer, so that will be a focus for him moving forward.

“Right now, I really don't have that much information on the Wolverines program, but I do know that they have a lot of solid talent and they have a lot of good coaches that will develop you into a great young man,” Owens said.

One of those coaches to make an impression was U-M defensive line coach Shaun Nua. He was the one to extend the Michigan offer to Owens earlier this week.

“We talked a little bit,” Owens said. “He's a very personable guy. Very easy to get along with. He was talking about family and he just wanted to get to know about my family. He shared a little bit about his wife and where he came from and all that.”

Outside of Michigan, the standout defensive lineman also has received scholarships from Penn State, Michigan State, South Carolina, Syracuse, FIU, Rutgers, Wake Forest, Boston College, Maryland and Pittsburgh as well, so his options are quickly expanding. Owens has been in touch with Virginia Tech recently too, and the Hokies have shown considerable interest up to this point.

“I'm just calling the coaches and trying to build a relationship as much as possible so when that dead period does lift and we can go visit, it'll be very easy and comfortable,” Owens said.

Earlier this week, the NCAA extended the dead period to last throughout the month of September, but once that is over Owens hopes to make a trip out to each school that has offered thus far to give each program a fair shot.

So far, Owens reports that much of his collegiate interest is as a weak-side defensive end, but that is largely contingent on how he grows and develops over the next couple years since he could easily outgrow the position and end up on the strong-side at the collegiate level.

“I feel like I'm best at pass rushing,” Owens said. “I've got that quick first step and I have good extension, so O-Linemen can't really get into me and I can get around them fast... I have a quick first step. I would like to say I'm explosive off the line. My advantage is my length and my speed. I can really get into you and get out really fast. I like to disrupt and cause chaos.”

Those attributes have put Owens on an upward trajectory recruiting-wise, and he's bound to add more offers as time goes on. In terms of his season, Maryland has indefinitely postponed football, but the hope is that a slate of games can be played early on in 2021.

What do you think of the newest defensive lineman to pick up a Michigan offer? Is it beneficial to recruit guys who could play either strong-side or weak-side or would it be better to find specialists? Let us know! 

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