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Big Ten Champions Camp, JJ McCarthy, Juwan Howard and the NBA

There was plenty to see at the Big Ten Champions Mega Camp in Chicago over the weekend, especially when it came to Michigan's rising sophomores.

More than 20 current Michigan players were attendance this weekend at the Big Ten Champions Mega Camp in an effort to help out young football players from across the Midwest. Guys like JJ McCarthy, Junior Colson, AJ Henning, Andrel Anthony, several offensive linemen and even specialists Tommy Doman and Jake Moody were on hand to help teach the game of football and spread the Michigan love. Even though it wasn't the Wolverines in action, there was still plenty to take away from the camp.

Also over the weekend, Juwan Howard made news by completely spurning the Los Angeles Lakers when it came to their head coaching vacancy. Howard wasn't offered the job or anything but he immediately let LA know that he was more than happy in Ann Arbor. All that and much, much more on this episode of The Wolverine Digest Podcast.

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