Big Ten Football: The Top Five Most Intimidating Night Game Atmospheres

When the lights come on, there’s certain places within the Big Ten that all but guarantee a loss for the visiting team.
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The Big Ten conference is home to some of top football programs in all of college football.  It is also home to some of the most intimidating atmospheres in all of college football, particularly when the lights come on.  If you're the visiting team entering one of these hostile environments at night, don't expect to come out with a W.  

5. Camp Randall Stadium, Wisconsin

Camp Randall Stadium, Wisconsin

Serving as the Badgers place of business since 1917, Camp Randall Stadium is the oldest stadium in the Big Ten conference. It is also one of the most raucous. With a seating capacity of over 80,000 fans, Camp Randall is home to one of the most recognizable traditions in college sports. Between the third and fourth quarter, “Jump Around” is pumped through the stadium speakers and nearly all of the 80,000 fans in attendance begin to jump - creating a scene that is defintely a bucket list experience for any college football fan.

4. Kinnick Stadium, Iowa

Kinnick Stadium, Iowa

Regardless of Iowa’s record at the time, Kinnick Stadium at night is essentially a death sentence for the hopes and dreams of a visiting team. Though it is only the seventh largest stadium in the Big Ten, the near 70,000 fans in attendance make it feel much larger than it is. Back in 2016, the No. 3 Michigan Wolverines went into Kinnick Stadium at night to face the unranked Iowa Hawkeyes - and walked out with their first loss of the season. The very next season, No. 6 Ohio State made the same journey into Kinnick to face an unranked Iowa team under the lights. The Buckeyes not only lost the game, they had their doors blown off by a score of 55-24.

3. Michigan Stadium, Michigan

Michigan Stadium, Michigan

Nicknamed “The Big House”, Michigan Stadium certainly lives up to its name. As the largest stadium in the Western Hemisphere, Michigan Stadium is home to the largest crowd anywhere in the world on fall Saturday’s. Though Michigan Stadium isn’t traditionally known to be the most raucous environment in the Big Ten, something magical happens when the lights come on. With over 110,000 fans in attendance creating a sea of maize, visiting teams find out pretty quickly that The Big House isn’t to be taken lightly.

2. Ohio Stadium, Ohio State

Ohio Stadium

Ohio State hasn’t lost a home game since Sept. 9, 2017 when Baker Mayfield and Oklahoma pulled off the upset in primetime. However, that was the exception to the rule. Typically when you enter Ohio Stadium as the visiting team, you do so as the heavy underdog. The Buckeyes have owned the Big Ten conference for the better part of the last decade and a visit to Ohio Stadium at night is typically a guaranteed L. While the official seating capacity is 102,780, Buckeye Stadium will often welcome upwards of 110,000 rabid Buckeye fans when the lights come on.

1. Beaver Stadium, Penn State

Beaver Stadium, Penn State

There is no sports scene in the world like a white out night game in Happy Valley. Not only are visiting teams welcomed by over 105,000 raucous fans all wearing white, the noise within the stadium is so loud that players have reportedly felt vibrations on the football field itself. Put simply, Penn State provides the most intimidating night game atmosphere in the Big Ten - and quite possibly in all of college football. If you’re a sports junkie looking for an experience unlike any other, put a white out at Beaver Stadium at the top of your list.