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'Go Dig Into His Past': Fisher Blasts Saban In Epic Rant

It's a safe bet that the October matchup between Texas A&M and Alabama will be one that the entire country is interested in.

The new era of NIL continues to have an interesting impact on college athletics. While some are praising it for allowing players to finally capitalize on their name, image and likeness, others are critical at the lack of oversight and its impact on the world of recruiting. 

Enter Alabama head coach, Nick Saban. 

While Saban isn't necessarily known for being the most ethical coach to ever grace the game of college football, he certainly didn't mind throwing stones at one of his former assistants this week. During an event in Birmingham, Saban accused Texas A&M head coach, Jimbo Fisher, of buying all of his players. 

Needless to say, Fisher didn't take kindly to Saban's accusations - leading to an epic response on Thursday.

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For those who are interested, the two programs face off on Oct. 8 in Tuscaloosa.