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Make Your Pick: Michigan vs. UConn

Michigan is a huge favorite against UConn, but what exactly is it going to look like? We discuss...

Michigan is favored by 47.5 points against UConn, so the win/loss outcome isn't really up for debate, but how it will look, is. Last week JJ McCarthy played just 27 snaps in his first start so everyone is wondering how much he'll play this week. We do our best to predict how it might play out and to be honest, it's tricky.

Chris Breiler

Once again, Michigan is expected to roll its opponent with a spread of nearly 50 points. With the quarterback situation settled and an offense that is primed for another big time performance, the Wolverines will likely put this one to bed by halftime.

Michigan 56, UConn 3

Brandon Brown

I find myself going back and forth a bit on this one. On one hand, I know Michigan is going to win, and probably by quite a bit, but on the other hand, this is the third inferior opponent in as many weeks and today's kick is at noon. That could make for a sleepy, slow start. Even then, Michigan probably rolls, but maybe it's not by as many points as some envision. 

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I see McCarthy playing a very clean, efficient game once again, but I'm curious about how long he'll be in there. I also see Blake Corum picking up the slack as we expected Donovan Edwards to be out, but maybe Jim Harbaugh decides to ride the freshman CJ Stokes instead to keep Corum fresh and ready for Big Ten play.

At the end of the day, Michigan is going to win by a lot and will probably dominate even with backups in the game. Because of that, I see another big win by the Wolverines.

Michigan 59, UConn 10