Kickoff Time Announced For Michigan/Wisconsin Game

We now know what time Michigan will face Wisconsin in what's shaping up to be a pretty massive showdown.

They say that a team's football season doesn't really start until they put on the white jerseys so for Michigan, that's next week in Madison. Earlier today we all found out exactly when that will happen.

The No. 19 Michigan Wolverines will take on the No. 18 Wisconsin Badgers inside Camp Randall Stadium at noon eastern time or 11 am local time in Madison. 

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Playing in Madison has been a nightmare for Michigan. The two teams obviously don't play every year being on different sides of the conference, but the Wolverines haven't won in Madison since 2001, which comes out to five losses in a row. Last year the Badgers came into Michigan Stadium and won 49-11, handing the Wolverines their worst home loss since 1935. 

Revenge is certainly going to be on the minds of the Wolverines and, with the way they're playing, they may get it. Wisconsin has already lost to Penn State at home and then beat a bad Eastern Michigan team 34-7. This weekend they'll take on Notre Dame at Soldier Field in Chicago, which could suck a lot of life out of them before welcoming the Wolverines to Camp Randall. If there's a time for Michigan to break a losing streak, this could be it. According to ESPN's Football Power Index, the Wolverines now have a 61.5% chance to win the game, up from 32.3% before the season started.