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University Of Michigan President To End Service, John U. Bacon Off The Top Rope

University of Michigan President Mark Schlissel has announced when he will step away from his post.

University of Michigan President Mark Schlissel will step down from his post in the year 2023 per Schlissel himself.

Schlissel expanded on his decision on

This is the eighth year of my presidency and an important time to strategically consider the future of our university,” he wrote. “We are emerging from a historic global pandemic and adjusting to new and still evolving ways of working, learning and living, both as individuals and as a university. We’re planning our next fundraising campaign and developing the longer-term strategies that will continue to drive our academic excellence and enhance our societal impact. And we’re working on our campus culture and climate to help us to live up to our highest ideals. Each of these important priorities will require commitment and leadership that extends into the next decade and beyond.

The Detroit Free Press has been covering Schlissel's tenure throughout and recently noted that it felt like his run might be coming to a close.

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The school's Board of Regents, which has been deeply divided in recent months over Schlissel's performance, will launch a national search for his replacement in the coming months.

The Free Press reported earlier this month that tensions have been rising between some board members and Schlissel in recent years. The early departure is a deal made between Schlissel, those on the board who support him and those on the board who aren't happy with him.

Board members and Schlissel struck the deal in closed-door meetings in September. There was no mention then of any deal or even any negotiations

So far, not too many people seem upset by the news. Known and respected author and part-time professor at the University of Michigan John U. Bacon had a pretty strong message to deliver following Schlissel's announcement.

Schlissel has certainly done some good things while at U-M but this feels like a less-than-ideal way for his tenure to end. Obviously some people aren't happy, which is always the case, but if it's leading to him resigning, it's probably the right move.