NCAA Extends Recruiting Dead Period Through August 31

McLain Moberg

The Division I Council met Thursday afternoon during a virtual meeting and decided to extend the recruiting dead period for all sports through August 31.

Communication between coaching staffs and prospects is permitted, however in-person recruiting is prohibited, and any unofficial or official visits to campus are not allowed.

This is the fourth extension of the dead period since it was first implemented on March 13 and set to expire on April 15. Later, it received another extension through May 30, and another through the end of June and July.

The NCAA said, "the Men's and Women's Basketball Oversight Committees indicated they are not planning to recommend any changes to the summer access model that was adopted last week, which permits institutions to begin summer countable athletically related activities in basketball beginning July 20 and may include up to eight hours per week of weight training, conditioning and skill instruction, with not more than four hours of skill instruction."

In addition, council members granted waivers to modify the start dates for preseason practices in sports outside of football. It allows some more "acclimatization for fall sport student-athletes who missed out on spring participation opportunities and accounts for schedule changes due to the COVID-19 pandemic."

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