Breslin Reseating Not Easy, but it is the Right Decision

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Reseating is tough, but when you look at the entire picture you understand that Mark Hollis had to do something.  Photo courtesy of Mark Boomgaard.

Reseating is tough, but when you look at the entire picture you understand that Mark Hollis had to do something. Photo courtesy of Mark Boomgaard.



MSU Athletic Director Mark Hollis wasn’t raised in a wealthy family. His father was a minister and a teacher, and his grandfather was a farmer and a minister. More so than any administrator I have known, Hollis frets over the common fan with every choice he makes. He is constantly thinking about the little guy. He can’t help it. He may have reached his dream of being the MSU athletic director, but he is still true to his roots.


That is why last week when he met with the media to talk about reseating he said that doing it “Breaks my heart.” We went over it in depth in our Big Ten Expansion Articles Six and Seven why it has to be done, but the Spartan Nation should be thankful that the man doing it cares.


One thing that Hollis has done is mandated to those who work for him that NO ONE can buy special treatment. No individual can just swoon in and beat out someone. They certainly can make a large donation to move to the head of the line with the point system, but there will be no favors or special treatment.


Today the appointment times will be sent to all the donors.  From June 14 to July 16 the online seating process will begin. Now before you get frustrated or concerned, Hollis has set up four options to handle the reseating during your scheduled time:

v    You can handle it online

v    You can contact the Spartan Fund to have them make the choice for you

v    You can have one of them join you over the phone to help you online

v    You can go in person to the 8th floor of Spartan Stadium tower and work with someone

If you are nervous about this process, you can take comfort that the Spartan Fund will be working overtime to help you. If you need help, don’t hesitate to use the personal assistance that Hollis has arranged for you to have. You can call 877-335-5540 or 517-884-2550. If you need help and don’t get it, it is your own fault. Keep in mind that selecting your seats is not renewing your season tickets. That process will begin on July 25th.Â


Remember Spartan Nation…No one likes change. This is a change and will be painful at first. It isn’t easy. Some who are out of touch have described it as easy or painless. Hollis is NOT one of them. It is OK to not like the process, but it is Mark Hollis making the best out of a tough change. Hollis can’t do it all, but he is doing the right thing. He has cleaned up the process and this will move swiftly.


You have to remember that if you go to the Wharton Center as I do several times a year, you pay for where you want to sit. Hollis has to take care of big donors. My sixth and seventh article on Big Ten expansion told you why. Hollis knows that some who can’t afford to donate now or anymore feel disenfranchised. That is the reality, but he also knows that “The donations are weighted and I don’t apologize for that.”