PODCAST:  Good, Bad & Ugly with Michigan State Basketball

Hondo S. Carpenter

Each week, Chuck Grenier joins us to talk about the good, the bad, and the ugly with Michigan State sports.  Today's podcast is all basketball.

· The genius of Tom Izzo and his ability to change.

· Izzo’s mentality of, “The method isn’t sacred, the message is.”

· Tom Izzo separates himself from Bobby Knight.

· Why can and does Tom Izzo last when so many other legends see their careers crash.

· How much trouble social media really creates in a locker room?

· Getting players to not read too much into the praise or the criticism.

· Sports is no longer a seasonal thing. Dealing with sports being a year-round even now.

· College basketball is filthy with cheating. Tom Izzo refuses to jump into the cesspool. The NCAA handed down their first punishments for the FBI scandal. We look at what Oklahoma State got handed and how concerned should those schools be?

· Does the NCAA have any credibility left?

· Is the NCAA lack of enforcement on cheating creating monsters within the fan bases?

· When Izzo loses to a dirty team in the NCAA tournament, why don’t people remember that?

· Examples of how cheating has impacted Tom Izzo and Michigan State.

· Kids want to win, but the problem is the adults behind the situation.

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