Tom Izzo Declares Spartan WING Kyle Ahrens, "Out A While"

Hondo S. Carpenter

Breslin Center

East Lansing, MI

#14 Michigan State watched their Hall of Fame head coach Tom Izzo address the day-to-day health status of senior Kyle Ahrens.  You can read what the Spartans head man had to say below or watch it in the above video/

"When I say it's day-to-day, it's not it's day-to-day because Kyle Ahrens will be out for a while. It's just been so hard to have him practice, not practice, have him in the lineup or not in the lineup. So, it was a decision made by me. I just think he's broken down. It's been really hard on him during a game, we'll try to put him in, and he wants to go, but doesn't know if he can go. It's just been this Achilles/ankle thing. We've had doctors look at it, we've had everybody look at it and I think part of it is that he's been through so much during his career. I'd like to give him a couple of weeks and see if we can bring him back for the second half of the Big Ten. There's no reason why not because if it's day-to-day and he had to play next week, he could probably play some minutes. But I just think it's good for his mental health, good-will, good-feeling, and mind. He was worried about the other players because he only practices part-time. So, it adds to the issues of more and more and more youth in there." 

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