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Tom Izzo Press Conference Sends A Clear Message


FGU @ MSU BB092 013


Nine days of pining, nine days of wondering and just as quickly as it became the biggest story in Michigan sports, it went away. The fireworks stopped. The embarrassing media coverage ended. The speculation ceased the moment the message was delivered from Mark Hollis. Everyone in the Spartan Nation breathed a huge sigh of relief. 


And then it was Izzo’s turn. The quiet before the storm ensued as Tom talked about the difficulty of making such a tough choice. He spoke at length about his family. He then spoke fondly of his Spartan family with the Spartan basketball team firmly at his back. After being the gracious unassuming ‘UP-er’ for a few moments, the intensity of Tom’s message started to reveal the coaches next big coaching lesson. This time it wasn’t directed at a player, it was squarely directed at the media that contributed to the nine day circus that put Tom Izzo, his family and the Spartan Nation through utter hell.


Lynn Henning struck the wrong chord from the Detroit News. Tom was visibly angry and hurt. Tom let everyone know where he stood with all of the week’s shenanigans and Henning found himself going in slow motion through the Izzo buzz saw. It was what was needed; Henning deserved every bit of it. His Monday story was nothing short of irresponsible in my personal opinion. You can CLICK RIGHT HERE and read it for yourself and be the judge. 

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There were a ton of irresponsible members of the media. People reported Tom at the grocery store with his son Steven. How many press conferences were supposedly called that never happened? Lynn’s assessment was that Tom couldn’t come back; this thing dragged on way too long for Tom to recommit himself to MSU. Tom stood at the podium and every member of the Spartan Nation rejoiced. He was back. I too could have been one of those guys had Hondo not been the calm voice of reason always maintaining Tom would remain the head coach at Michigan State. It is why I am constantly reminded why I stand bye Hondo during the times that we are most impatient.


I am not one blow my own horn and this certainly isn’t about me personally being right about the Izzo situation. This is more about having faith that the rules have to be followed, the process has to play out and that when you do things the right way, you will be rewarded. I am glad we had this one right. It is arguably the biggest MSU sports story since the 2000 national championship.


I don’t pretend to know what is going on inside Tom’s head. What I do know is that Tom learned a lot. I am certain that he will remain the man that he has always been… speaking his mind, keeping it real, always wearing his emotions on his sleeve and speaking from his soul.


I make no bones about it; I have had a chip on my shoulder from childhood about some in the media’s treatment of MSU. Now that the tide has turned in both major sports, I just don’t think they know how to handle themselves since the big blue wall came crashing down. With Izzo and Dantonio at the helm, it isn’t likely to happen anytime soon.