Trannon's decision to NOT play basketball hurt him!

Publish date:

February 25, 2007

Indianapolis, IN

NFL Combine

One prevailing theme from NFL scouts on the Spartan Nation’s Matt Trannon: he should have played basketball!

I assumed (and we all know what happens when you do that) that when Matt Trannon made the decision to skip the basketball season at MSU that he had gotten good advice and followed it. He may have gotten that advice but according to SEVERAL NFL scouts and executives from here at the combine in Indianapolis he should have played basketball.

One very well known NFC GM said to me “I don’t know what he was thinking. He could have gotten all of the attention from that big win the other night against the Badgers and last night with all the Izzone kids and Gameday. Imagine all the hype but instead he is here reminding us that he isn’t real fast, has less the good hands and lacks toughness. We were in our hotel room last night watching the MSU game between interviews with potential draft picks and one of our scouts said that Trannon should have been there.”

Brace yourself it gets worse. One well-known national TV draft guru said, “I just don’t get Trannon’s decision. I am not sure who is advising him, but he needs better advice. I heard he didn’t play so he could get ready for the combine, but it doesn’t appear to me that he did much working out.”

Another AFC scout when I asked about Trannon just shook his head. “I know a GM that told Izzo that he needed to stay and play basketball. He obviously didn’t take that advice given to Izzo from NFL people. We would have taken a serious look at him had he played ball, I just don’t think we will take much of a look. We would have taken a chance with him coming out of basketball, but without that he just didn't make a wise choice and we have seen enough to say no.”

Lastly, another NFC scout said, “he drops to many balls. I know he can catch a screen pass three yards behind the line of scrimmage, but can he do it when he is going across the middle with Urlacher waiting to saw him in half? I don’t think so. As tough as the MSU basketball team is this year, I think he should have stayed and learned some of it. He would have got so much love with all the national attention MSU basketball gets, and then had a pro day when it was over. If his pro day were less then stellar people would have blown it off because he just came from basketball. Now he has no excuses and I think he made a p***, poor decision.”

I wish Matt no harm and only success, but clearly at this point the NFL power brokers think he made a bad choice. Sadly at this point in the game he can’t afford that.