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With Tom Izzo Home the Spartan Nation Waits…


As the Spartan Nation waits, stress levels reach and all time high for everyone. Photo courtesy of Starr Portice.

As the Spartan Nation waits, stress levels reach and all time high for everyone. Photo courtesy of Starr Portice.

Tom Izzo had to go to Cleveland. He owed that to Lupe. He owed that to Steven and Rocky. He owed it, most of all, to himself. He committed no crime. He did no wrong. He took a ride in a private jet and looked at an organization that wants to pour money into his checking account in amounts that even he hasn’t conceived.


He has been to a gym before. He has seen an office. There was nothing new for him to look at, but he had to do it. Tom Izzo has been thorough throughout his career. He looks at and analyzes everything.


When he worked for Jud, he had to literally force him to even let them have tape. Tom poured over it and did the recruiting. As a head coach he did more. It is his nature.


On Spartan Nation Radio last night we broke the story that Izzo had left the facility and that no deal had been made. He was coming home to think. As stressful and upset as people are, we had already reported that no deal was made.


This will not be a decision made on a whim. Izzo thinks. Izzo knows there is a lot of money, but he also knows there is a lot of risk. He doesn’t fear risk, but he also is far from stupid.

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This will not drag out. I have said and stand by it that this situation will be resolved much sooner rather than later. I expect it earlier than Wednesday, but that would be the latest.


Tom Izzo feels the love of the fans. The pep rally before the Detroit Final Four reduced him to tears. He was so emotional that months afterward when he and I reflected he still got tears in his eyes about it.


People are clamoring for more information and we could change a few sentences and call an update with no new information a new story, but that insults you. This is simple. Izzo is a great coach and was offered the head-coaching job at an NBA team with an owner who is his friend. They offered more money than most humans can conceive. He went and looked. His decision is coming sooner rather than later.


This isn’t brain surgery, it is just brain numbing.


I expect Tom Izzo to stay at MSU. 


For fans it is difficult to imagine. For anyone that covers Tom or knows Tom it isn’t. He had to go to Cleveland and look. He is in his mid-fifties and this is his best shot if he truly wants to coach in the NBA. He deserves your patience, but he doesn’t need it. He has earned the right to look. He should. Looking doesn’t equal taking. In the frenzy of the situation and the emotion of the folks involved, people need to let this resolve itself. It will, sooner rather than later.