Answering Your Michigan State Football Questions: Coaching Search

Hondo S. Carpenter

Answering Your Michigan State Football Questions: Coaching Search

Hondo, you aren’t reporting as much on the coaching search as others. You are behind the eight ball. Please pick it up. Tom F.

Tom? I reported last August that word around Dantonio was that he wanted to retire AFTER signing day. I published a THOROUGH list of candidates and have given deep and thorough information.

I have not made up or reported things that others have that were not accurate. I said last week that on Wednesday, Luke Fickell told his staff he wasn’t coming to MSU. This hasn’t been a “done” deal. No discussing money for assistants. No BOT meetings. Nothing.

So am I behind posting stuff that wasn’t accurate? Yes.

Am I behind reality? No. There have been a lot of media that have done a great job covering this. There have also been a lot that are going to suffer a crisis of credibility. We are pleased with how Spartan Nation has handled this.

Hondo, what was the reaction of the staff when they heard about Coach Dantonio leaving? Mike Bryan

A lot of anger. He had told them no changes. Some missed out on other jobs. Some were not upset, but there was a lot of passion and hurt in some cases.

Hondo, have you spoken to any of Coach D’s assistants since he quit? Leslie Dice

Oh yes. It never stopped all season. They got creative (using a spouse or a child’s phone), but I have. Three reached out to thank me for giving them a heads up this summer and laughed at not thinking I was accurate. Mark Dantonio didn’t have one coach that wasn’t a good person on his staff. They are human; this has been brutal on them.

Hondo, who do you think is the QB next year now that Dantonio is gone? Chris Spaulding

Ask me when they have a coach.

Hondo, what do you think of the coaching search now that Luke Fickell is out? Anthony Riddle

I am delighted with how Michigan State is handling this.

Hondo, can you give me a name no one is talking about outside of your original list that you think may get a look? Dave Ronk

Brett Bielema, former Wisconsin coach.

Hondo, why is Michigan State not hurrying up with this? Yvonne Dolce

Why hurry? Get it right. Recruiting is over. Get the right person. Get it right.

Hondo, how do you think Bill Beekman has handled this search?  Fred Matthews

I think Bill has done a great job.  He is a rookie AD, that has really done a good job.

Hondo I know you said that there were people inside MSU that wanted to, "Move away from the Mark Dantonio era," but I can't figure out why.  John Saxton

Many people were upset at how Mark has handled a lot of things.  Especially since the Rose Bowl.  I have previously reported nearly a year ago about his relationship with Mark Hollis and frankly others.  Some would like to move to a complete fresh Michigan State way of thinking in the Duffy.  Not saying right or wrong, but there are many who feel that way.

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