Important Date Means MSU Football Will Up the Ante in Recruiting

The Michigan State Spartans have eight commits in the 2025 class, but after June 15, they will be allowed to turn up the pressure on the 2026 class.
Michigan State assistant strength and conditioning coach talks with players during the Spring Showcase on Saturday, April 20, 2024, at Spartan Stadium in East Lansing.
Michigan State assistant strength and conditioning coach talks with players during the Spring Showcase on Saturday, April 20, 2024, at Spartan Stadium in East Lansing. / Nick King/Lansing State Journal / USA

Several Michigan State Spartans coaches heralded the arrival of June 15, an important day for college football recruiting. The date marks the window for colleges to begin reaching out to recruits.

Informed Athlete describes what the date entails:

"June 15 is the first date when most coaches at NCAA Division I programs will be able to place recruiting phone calls and send emails/messages to athletes who have just completed their sophomore year of high school."

This means that the 2026 class is on the table for recruiters to establish deeper connections. Prior to the date, coaches are still able to communicate with players' coaches and attending events to watch prospects. Per NCSA Sports, "neither athletes nor coaches can initiate phone conversations" before the date.

Several 2026 recruits have told me about communication pre-June 15. Typically, the players I talked to had recruiters visit their schools and meet with their coaches, or watch workouts. No conversations between the players and recruiters, and limited amounts of contact overall.

On June 15, Spartans tight ends coach Brian Wozniak, posted his excitement on X, formerly known as Twitter.

Position coaches are typically the primary recruiters, assigned to secure the talent for their position groups. When it comes to non-quarterbacks, the coach that interacts most from a day-to-day standpoint with an offensive lineman, defensive back, or wide receiver, outside of the strength and conditioning coach, is the position coach.

The position coaches have been the X-factors for Michigan State in the offseason preceding Coach Jonathan Smith's Spartan debut. Recruits that have either committed to, or had the Spartans among their top teams, commonly cited how much they loved the coach for their particular position.

Michigan State offensive line coach Jim Michalczik, for example, has received just about unanimous praise from the linemen I talk to. Michalczik will prove to be a difference maker for top targets like Darius Afalava and Houston Kaahaaina-Torres, should they choose the Spartans.

Wozniak was a big part of Emmett Bork's commitment, and Wozniak is a big reason the Spartans are in contention for 2025 tight end target Jayden Savoury.

The Spartans recruiters have been excellent with the 2025 recruits, and now they can begin building personal relationships with the 2026 targets.

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