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Answering Your MSU General Athletics Questions and Emails...

Well Hondo, the softball team is 11-39 and hasn’t won a Big Ten game all
year. We got swept by Northwestern this
past weekend. New facilities and we
still stink. I read a softball guy in
Oklahoma City last week and I would just be happy if we made the top six of the
Big Ten. I don’t even dream of a
softball post season. Beth

I am not a big softball person. I admit it. 
I can also say that before this year I would hear something about the
program from time to time, but never anything of great substance. This year is different. Your sentiments are not alone and from an
outside view this season is beyond abysmal and looks embarrassing. I assure you that I am looking into why. Was there major injuries? Are there other things that would explain
it? I hope to adjust it next week, but I
am hearing and looking. I know they lost a pitcher, had some issues with recruiting, but not sure any of that warrants the season they have had. More next week.

Hondo, I want to thank you for doing the show with the MSU swimming and
diving team. That radio show was
fun. Would have never even thought about
them, but I have to go to a meet this year.

Thanks Michael. 
The response was amazing and I loved it. 
The student athletes and coaches were amazing and the response of the
audience was exceptional.

Hondo, what a fun show with the MSU aquatics team. I certainly would not want the Olympic sports
every night, but hope you do another one like that with another team. Kim

Thanks Kim. I
would love to do other sports and like I said last week, the Olympic teams have
a standing invitation with me. I would
schedule one with all of them if they chose to take advantage of it.

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Hondo, as I was listening to the MSU swim coach I was shocked to learn
that they use the coaches to judge swimming and diving. I wasn’t shocked to hear about issues with
UM. It was nice to hear the rivalry is
alive and well in the pool. Seth

Agree Seth. Let me
tell you, spend time with that team and it means as much in the pool and on the
board as on the gridiron.

On the swimming show Hondo, you and the coach talked about doing a game
during the day so schools could come in on an assembly. I would have never considered an MSU swim
game as a trip, but the planetarium in the AM, dairy for lunch and a game that
afternoon is a great idea and my fifth grade class is so there. Mary

Mary, I loved that idea as much as the media cannonball
meet. Coach G is a brilliant
administrator and really seemed interested. 
I don’t know if he will do it, but I do know he is going to think about

OK everyone, there you go,
our weekly general MSU athletics Q and A article. We will continue them, so if you have a
question (not about basketball or football) here is a simple way to get it

Send your questions to and
put in the subject line general. If it
doesn’t get answered in the article you will get a personal response. Thank you!