News and Notes from in and around the Spartan Nation

Hondo S. Carpenter

News and Notes from in and around the Spartan Nation


  1. MSU Football A new team has emerged in the hunt for a new head coach and they have A LOT of interest in a Spartan Coordinator. Don Treadwell is under the microscope with Bowling Green as we speak. He was also highly considered at Miami of Ohio and Eastern Michigan. BG likes his balanced attack and his roots to the MAC. They also like that he is a high integrity guy that will build a program with those tough attitudes similar to how Urban Meyer did it there. Keep a close eye on this one.
  2. MSU Basketball The Spartans have another huge test on the horizon with Texas and Kansas. If you think the fan base is in meltdown now, what if the Spartans were to drop both of those games? I don’t think they will, but Spartan Basketball from the head coach to the fan are not used to this type of stumble and since Izzo got things going, this could be the most trying time.
  3. MSU Lady Spartans People don’t realize how tough of a road Suzy Merchant has had with Spartan basketball. Not only injuries, but she had a group when she got here that had to be put back together mentally also. She will be a great coach here at State and people need to back off and let her recruit and build her team and fix it. I can tell you this, the girls love and trust her and that was not the case at all previously. She will do well at MSU.
  4. MSU Hockey I have been an outspoken supporter of Rick Comley since he came to MSU. He is a great man and coach. He has taken a lot of heat for the season, but when you step back and look objectively he lost a lot of talent early and people aren’t giving him the same measure of grace that they did Izzo when it happened to him? Here is my thought. I think the 2009-2010 season will be his last in East Lansing as do some others I have spoken to within MSU.
  5. Lions Much to the chagrin of my contacts within the NFL, they think that it has gone from a slight possibility to close to a probability that WCF will keep Lewand and maybe even Marinelli when the season is over. “I don’t know how he can do it. They are already blacked out with what they have. I think he has to clean house, but when has anyone ever understood what Ford is up to?” I will have more later, but if Ford doesn’t sell the team, he has to clean house completely. This fan base is not dumb (even though they continue to buy tickets) and I don’t think they will, “Buy in” without a new owner or a clean house.
  6. Pistons The Pistons made the choice to clear cap space to go after LeBron. They seem willing to throw two seasons away on a very long shot. Two years. Is it worth it? Obviously the answer is WRONG.