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Jeffrey Cottrell

It’s late January. League play is in full swing and teams are battling for the top spots in their respective divisions. Players that were sitting out due to grades or being a transfer student are in the games now. For some teams, their leaders have better emerged by now or they will find themselves finishing their seasons early. Things are starting to heat up in the gyms across our great state and time is running out for seniors who want one last special season. Let’s get to the action.

High Score of the Week
Saginaw Buena Vista 89 Sanford Meridian 87 (3OT) (176 points)

It’s interesting to me that in a battle in which everyone was throwing up three pointers, it went into three overtimes. Five players from BV scored double digits, including George Goodman’s 20 and Derrick Washington’s 19. Sanford also had five players in double digits. Jason Hockemeyer had 26 for the Mustangs while his teammate, Tanner Smith, had 24 points. Is there any argument that Saginaw is the hotbed of basketball?

Low Score of the Week
Coleman 40 Ashley 22 (62 points)

The Comets of Coleman scored a victory over a winless Ashley team. Trey Burch had 10 points to lead the Comets. Will Acker was a defensive presence for Coleman with six rebounds and four steals. On the Ashley side, Kyle Kimmel scored nine points. That’s nearly half of the team point total for the night.

Coach Cottrell’s Blowout of the Week
Saginaw Arts and Sciences Academy 62 Flint Valley School 8 (54 points)

Once again, SASA has found their way into the weekly report. This time, they blew out Flint Valley School. Martin Morris led the way with 12 points, six steals, and four assists. 13 of the 14 players on SASA’s team scored. They led 20-0 at the end of the first quarter. Flint Valley School scored one (yes, one) point in the second half.

Must Be Nice to Have Money to Buy Toys

This summer, boosters for Gross Point South bought a $6,000 Noah Select System. This system analyzes the player’s shots and helps them improve as shooters. Along with that, they dropped $10,000 on machines that toss back the basketball. While it has improved their shooting, it seems like that money could be better spent in other ways. The $6,000 they spent on the system is more than some school���s football budgets. I guess if they have the money to blow on fancy machines to help them win, then go for it. What ever happened to the days of having a little brother or the coach’s kid come to practice and throw the basketball back to someone? I bet that kid would work for a chance to ride the bus on game day.


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