Class B - Yellowjackets Sting Big Reds 71-47

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This game is a very interesting match up. Detroit Country Day comes into the game with a 24-2 record. They played tough teams like Kalamazoo Central, Saginaw Arthur Hill, Romulus, and Detroit Pershing. Coach Kurt Keener has a fantastic record of 607-167 in his 32 years. Lansing Sexton is a new comer to the Class B scene after dropping from Class A two seasons ago. Their head man, Carlton Valentine is 70-21 in his four years. DCD may be the most hyped team in the tournament, and for good reason. I’ve already seen coaches from Ohio State probably here to see 6’10” Amir Williams, one of the premiere big men in the state.

Class A State Champions - Detroit Country Day

Class A State Champions - Detroit Country Day

Sexton won the tip and got on the board first. They must have not gotten the memo that they were supposed to lose…and lose big. This game started with much more offensive firepower than any of the other games today. DCD fired up three pointers and Amir Williams blocked two shots early. At the half way point of the first quarter, the score was 10-4. When the quarter came to an end, the score was 20-8. Ray McCallum scored nine of his team’s 20 points. He also had a team high of three rebounds. I was also impressed with Lansing Sexton’s Marcus Cain, who can jump out of the gym.

It was more of the same in the second quarter. As hard as Sexton pushed, DCD pushed back harder. McCallum was playing out of his mind. He was hitting super long range three balls, nailing free throws, and at the half way point of the second quarter, he had scored more points than the whole Lansing Sexton team combined. Sexton changed their defense in the latter part of the quarter which confused the Yellowjackets. Williams found himself in foul trouble and didn’t play much of the second quarter. Big Red G/F Denzel Valentine looked pretty good for a sophomore. It appeared that McCallum was trying to reach for Keith Appling’s record of 49…he had 25 in the first half to go along with 5 rebounds. Valentine was the leading scorer for Sexton with eight. He also had four rebounds and an assist. The score at the break was 38-25 in favor of Detroit Country Day.

Lansing Sexton got the ball to begin the third quarter. There wasn’t much that Sexton could do to stop DCD. They could only slow them down a bit. At the half way point of the third quarter, Country Day led 47-27. McCallum went cold and only had one free throw to that point in the third quarter. The quarter moved at a furious pace and the clock wasn’t stopping a whole lot. At the end of three the score was 53-35. After the third quarter, someone put on the scoreboard “Congratulations to Detroit Country Day, 2010 Class B State Champions.” That is a little premature in my opinion, even if it is looking that way.

With the fourth quarter underway, Williams finally awoke and started jamming the ball home. The lead was beginning to look insurmountable to Sexton, but they kept battling hard. At the 4:18 mark, Country Day began to put in their reserves, nursing a 63-39 lead. The crowd started their mass exodus from the arena and you could see the disappointment in some Lansing Sexton fan faces. There is a lot of pride in the players from Lansing Sexton; they battled all four quarters. In the end, Detroit Country Day was just too much to handle for Lansing Sexton. They have nothing to hang their heads over, but they were simply outmatched today. McCallum led all scorers with 32 points, eight rebounds, and three assists. Valentine led Sexton with 14 points and seven rebounds. He was the only Big Red to score in double digits.