This Week In Basketball News

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Hello again friends! Sorry I was gone so long! My wife and I went on our belated honeymoon to the great American south. I KNOW she would have murdered me if I told her I needed to stay in the hotel room to write for my friends who read the Spartan Nation blog. For this article, I did go back and try to cover the games I missed before Christmas and up until last night. So let’s get to some basketball!

High Scoring Game of the… “Week”

Grand Rapids Covenant Christian 91 Muskegon Western Michigan Christian 81 (172 points)

GRCC was paced by Matt DeBoer who put up 26 points. Western Michigan Christian’s Evan Bruinsma had 18 in the losing effort. The Chargers scored 20+ points in all but one quarter, the third, in which they scored 18.

Low Scoring Game of the … “Week”

Sturgis 37 Bronson 35 (72 points)

The Trojans of Sturgis came with defense. They held Bronson to their lowest point total of the season and kept their leading scorer, Derik Pyles, to only 12 points. Leading scorer for Sturgis was A.J. Wentzel, who scored five of his 10 points in the fourth quarter. Contributing to the loss was 22 turnovers by Bronson. It was Sturgis’ first win of the season.

Atlanta 45 Mio 27 (72 points)

Lucas Esing dropped 14 points for his Huskies in their win over Mio. Neither team scored more than 9 points in a quarter until the fourth. In the last frame, Atlanta put in 19 and Mio had 11. Wondering about the score at halftime? Atlanta was winning 17-10. Leading scorer for the Mio Thunderbolts was Casey Fox with seven.

Coach Cottrell’s Blowout of the Week

Kinde-North Huron 81 Caseville 33 (48 points)

It wasn’t a fun game with it all coming down to one last shot. At the end of the first quarter, Kinde-North Huron was up 36-5 and 59-18 at the half. Anthony Irvine was able to score 14 points to lead his North Huron team. Cody Sharpe had 12 for Caseville.

Flint Northwestern 83 Pontiac Central 35 (48 points)

At the Roundball Classic, it wasn’t a pretty site. Walter Trouser scored 22 points and added 13 assists in the winning effort. It hasn’t been a great start for Pontiac Central so far. They lost their first game to Saginaw 100-45 and their second game to Northwestern 83-35. The last two games have been much closer for the Chiefs though.

I Can’t Even Go To The Movies for $30!

As my colleague Kevin Thomas posted in the Phalanx earlier this week, Flint Northwestern basketball star DeAndre Upchurch was charged in a drive by shooting. Over $30! A bullet hit a mother of two in the neck as she was trying to protect her children. Using an AK-47 with ammo for it running about $0.30/shot, they wasted $4.50 in bullets and probably another dollar in gas. So, in order to get back at someone over $30, they waste $5.50 and screw up someone’s chance to play basketball in college. Next time, take the DVD player or one of the video games and call it even.

The Most Anticipated Game in the State This Week

Saginaw High 83 Saginaw Arthur Hill 81 (The High vs. The Hill Part One)

Three state title winners squared off on Tuesday in the heart of Michigan’s basketball hotbed. Saginaw High, back to back state champs squared off against one of the top ranked teams in the state, Saginaw Arthur Hill. It rained three pointers Tuesday night with Saginaw High’s Jimmy Davis (30 points) hitting seven of the team’s 12 three-balls. Arthur Hill hit nine of them. The game was close and Trojan Mike Green hit two big shots late in the fourth quarter that gave them the lead. A three point shot by fantastic young point guard Maurice Jones (who ended the night with 24 points) missed, but Jayland Bland tipped in the rebound which would have tied the score. After a small conference, the refs said that it was after the buzzer and the game was over. Mike Schaaf paced the Lumberjacks with 25 points.