MSU '22 Target: Kenny Fletcher on New Jersey and Family

Michigan State football sent another offer to a New Jersey athlete, Kenny Fletcher. The class of 2022 target talks New Jersey and family.
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Mel Tucker has had success and is continuing to recruit out of New Jersey. One of the most recent New Jersey targets being the NO. 1 defensive end in the state.

Class of 2022 target, Kenny Fletcher said, “I had interest in Michigan State. Everybody knows Michigan State. It’s one of the top football programs in the country. They definitely have one of the best defenses in college football, and that’s the side of the ball I play on.”

With Mel Tucker looking for strong recruits, Fletcher thinks Tucker is looking in the right direction.

“New Jersey, I’ve been saying it, and I’ll continue saying it until I graduate and move further on. New Jersey, I think we have some of the best athletes in the whole country. I think we’re definitely top 10 on the map with athletes. If for example, all the athletes were to stay home or go to Rutgers, just an example, they would probably be at the top of the map. I think Mel Tucker thought more than other coaches and he started going at Jersey.”

Being a new head coach to a school, there’s been a lot of positive feedback on Tucker’s recruiting.

“We really have so many great athletes. The competition over here is really high. That builds us up. We have a whole bunch of animals. We really are built different.”

With Mel Tucker looking for athletes that he can build on, Fletcher is looking for a similar concept. He wants to build relationships.

“I heard they got a new coach, Mel Tucker, so I was excited about the whole thing, building new relationships and starting fresh.”

Fletcher isn’t looking for surface-level relationships. He wants a family dynamic.

“It’s important for me to build relationships because I want to know the coaches are going to be there for me on and off the field, in and out the classroom, with my family, just with me, things like that, I want to have almost like a family connection with the coaches.”

As for his future teammates, he wants to be able to call them his brothers.

“The thing that makes me who I am, and who I am on the field is, definitely my family.”

As for his own family, Fletcher has two siblings; an older and younger sister. Also having three step-siblings.

“Those are my queens, I’ll do anything for them, I’ll protect them. We’ve got that bond’ we’ve got that connection.”

Fletcher’s motivation comes from his family. He wants to do it all for them.

“I want to make sure my family doesn’t have to work for the rest of their lives, they don’t have to worry about nothing. I want to put them on top with me and put all the worries away. That’s what pushes me.”

While Fletcher’s two sisters are his queens, there is one queen that holds a special place in his heart.

“My grandmother would cheer me on from wherever she was. She would be wearing a shirt that represented me; like, ‘Grandmother of Kenny Fletcher,’ and post a picture. She would do anything to support.”

Even though she passed, his grandma was his number one supporter and his best friend.

“I would get on the field and she would take her wheelchair out to the field, because she had cancer, and that was pushing me to the maximum. When she left me, that gave me even more motivation to push on.”

In talking with Fletcher, you can tell by the look in his eyes how much his grandmother really meant to him.

“The time we spent together was, wow. I didn’t know my grandmother could be my best friend. I could talk to her about anything, and she’ll have my side and have my back through anything. Whenever she would need something, I would help her right away. It was a heartwarming time with her.”

With her physically gone, mentally, Fletcher is still striving for his dreams for her.

“I want to do what I told her I would do. I told her I’m going to make it. The plan was I was going to get her a little house on the side of my house, and I would be taking care of her. I want to stick to the original plan I gave her. I’m going to make her proud.”

And making her proud is what Fletcher is going to do. He has the mentality and physicality of a New Jersey athlete, and he’s going to prove it.

“When I say make it, I mean make my dream come true; play at the NFL level.”

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