MSU 22 Target: Sullivan Weidman Finding A Deeper Connection

With Sullivan Weidman's recruitment on the rise, he's looking at all of his offers and weighing his options; trying to find that connection.
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“About a year ago, it definitely started picking up,” Michigan State 2022 target, Sullivan Weidman said.

He’s talking about his recruitment; jumping from two offers, to 17, after receiving one from the University of Michigan.

“On the field, I want to show them my athleticism. Usually, the stigma around offensive linemen is they’re not athletic, and they can’t move. I can move, contrary to popular belief.”

He wants to show these schools, and the school he chooses, how he stands out against his competition. But it’s been hard.

“You don’t get the real football experience for these schools because of the dead period. I’m trying to take everything in.”

And while it’s difficult to create a deep relationship through a screen, Weidman says he feels like he can build a relationship with Michigan State’s coaches.

“It was a Friday night, I was driving around with some friends and we stopped to get some food and he (Chris Kapilovic) texted me saying, ‘hey Sully, can you give me a call?’ and I said of course. It was probably a half hour long phone call of me sitting in my car in a parking lot with some friends, and at the end he gave me an offer. It was great. That half hour phone call, it really felt like he was taking his time to get to know who I was as a person.”

With Weidman feeling a connection with Michigan State, he’s still weighing his options.

“I have nothing right now. I have nothing to base anything off of, which is terrible. I was thinking I would be committed by now. Obviously because of the pandemic, and the offers keep rolling in. I thought they would start to taper off by now.”

Not a bad thing for Weidman. He’s getting recognition and he credits his coach, Coach Day.

“I credit him with everything. He’s improved my game so much. I didn’t play a snap of varsity of football at Franklin, he improved me to the point where I am today.”

Weidman may not be committed already like he wanted to, but he has had support.

“My parents, my offensive line coach, everybody; everybody has been so supportive along the way.”

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