MSU Football '22 Target, Peyton Williams: "Wherever I fit in."

Peyton Williams grew up competitive. Now he's finding a home where he fits in, to continue his competition.
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“I love playing football. It’s something I’ve always been around,” Michigan State 2022 target, Peyton Williams said.

Unlike two of his three younger brothers who are excelling in baseball, Williams chose to follow his grandpa and dad’s path.

“It’s part of my family. My dad played in college, and my grandpa played in college too,” Williams said.

Football and baseball are just two of the sports that Williams’ family takes part in.

“Track runs in my family too. My dad ran track at Midwestern and my mom did track at TCU,” Williams said.

Having five siblings, William has a competitive family.

“Something no one really knows is how competitive I really am. My little brother even says every time we play something I try and beat him. I do beat him. But I love being competitive,” Williams said.

He grew up in that nature; where he’s competitive and protective.

“We’re all protective over each other. If you mess with one of us, then you have to deal with all of us. We love being around each other and we can get annoyed with each other, but it’s all out of love,” Williams said.

His family is competitive toward each other, but when it comes time to cheer each other on, they kick it into gear.

“They (Williams’ parents) want me to do my own thing. Whatever is right for me, wherever I like and wherever I fit in. I feel great about my recruitment and am excited to see my options,” Williams said.

Seeing where Williams fits in, is similar to his competition in robotics.

“I do robotics too. I compete in that. I actually went to Nationals a few years ago and got second place,” Williams said.

We know Williams wants a school with competition and feels like home. Having a team work together plays a large role in having the team be a family.

“Every year they come up with a different type of problem you have to solve. So, you have to come up with a robot to solve the problem for the game. Being able to build it and get the different pieces coming together. We brainstorm everybody’s ideas, and the ideas come together. It’s a lot of time,”

Like robotics, football involves solving plays. The different pieces coming together, are the players; and in brainstorming ideas, it’s the players putting in the time and effort and working together.

For now, the safety will most likely make his decision after the season. Although, he did have good things to say on his offer from Michigan State:

“I’ve heard a lot of really good things about Michigan State’s defensive back coaches. He (Coach Barnett) was really getting to know me. I was really excited. He was really chill and a really excited person. I thought I was going to get an offer, but the call surprised me,” Williams said.

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