Michigan State Football: Hampton Fay on Transitioning to College

Hampton Fay, a three-star quarterback out of All Saints Episcopal High School, talks about transitioning to college.
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EAST LANSING – Hampton Fay, a three-star quarterback from Fort Worth, Texas, is nearly 1,300 miles away from home and officially a student at Michigan State University.

When his parents left, reality began sinking in.

"My first night here, obviously, but then I think it really kicked in when I had to do my first laundry session," Fay said while laughing. "I had to call mom and make sure I was doing everything correctly. That kind of hit me ... I gotta do my laundry, I got to take care of my room; take the trash out."

The 6-foot-5, 210-pound signal-caller is the owner of two dogs, who he misses dearly, and would love to see run through the snow.

"Mom is calling every day, every night, just checking up on me," said Fay. "I miss them … I miss my dogs a lot more than I thought I would, but besides that, we facetime each other all the time."

Fay, a graduate of All Saints Episcopal High School, visited Michigan State just before the NCAA implemented the recruiting dead period, but he's still getting used to a few things.

"It's definitely colder here, a lot colder than I thought," he said. "I wear a couple more jackets than usual … I will say that the people are a lot nicer up here. I walk down the sidewalk, and I won't even know the person; they say, 'hey, what's up?' Just really nice interactions, and it just catches me off guard because they're stopping to say hi to me.

"It's really cool. It feels like everybody here – if you are a part of MSU or not; it all feels like a family."

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