Spartan Nation Mailbag: A Down Year for MSU Basketball

Spartan Nation publisher Hondo S. Carpenter, Sr. is here to answer all your questions regarding Michigan State basketball.
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Here at Sports Illustrated's Spartan Nation, we endeavor to be one of the fans' most interactive sites.

With that in mind, we present your weekly Michigan State Basketball questions and email.

Hondo, any thoughts on Enoch Boakye decommiting from Izzo? Mike L.

Sure, I think young kids do this all of the time. MSU is not the shiny new toy right now, and young men change their minds. It is not the end of the world and is certainly no reason to panic.

Hondo, Tom Izzo called the Michigan State blowout loss an embarrassment.

What do you think? Kim T.

I would not have used those words. The team didn't quit. They certainly are not playing well, but the effort is there. I love Tom as a person and a friend, but he takes things personally.

He was embarrassed of the loss, but he loves his guys, and he is not embarrassed by the program he has worked so hard to build.

Hondo, why does Thomas Kithier seem not to be developing? Ryan Melke

I wouldn't say it like you did. Is Thomas playing his best basketball? No, he isn't.

But he has a lot of basketball ahead of him, he is from an amazing family, and he himself is an amazing young man, and I expect significant improvement. The last chapter on Kit and his career have NOT been written.

Hondo, does Marcus Bingham seem to be improving at all to you? Steven P.

He does. He needs to gain weight, but they knew that when they recruited him. He is a super young man, and I do think he is improving.

He has a lot more he can do; I want to see him fall in love with the game, he could play professionally, but he has to improve more.

Hondo, do you think it is possible that the game has passed Tom Izzo by?

It seems like he really lost it this season. BD

This has been a tough campaign. But your question is foolish and far worse. People hated for years that Izzo had older teams; now that an older team would be a blessing, he has a younger squad. I am an old man like Izzo, and if I have learned one thing, it is simply, never bet against Izzo. 

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