Spartan Nation Mailbag: Michigan State Football

Spartan Nation publisher Hondo S. Carpenter, Sr. is here to answer all your questions regarding Michigan State football.
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Any week that includes a win over the Michigan Wolverines is good. So let's get right into your weekly Michigan State Athletics questions and answers:

Hondo, I was a very vocal critic of your calls for the last two years to play Rocky Lombardi.

Now, I can't imagine where he would be had he played. Great call.

Chris French

Hi Chris. The problem is that I wasn't calling for it. I was telling people what players and staff were saying to me.

I agree on far Rocky would have been.

Hondo, what was a bigger story, Mel Tucker winning or Jim Harbaugh losing? Sue Keegan

Great question. I think Jim Harbaugh was yet again exposed as a mediocre coach. He is now 3-3 against Michigan State and has proven that he can recruit but not develop guys. Mel Tucker sent a statement.

Hondo, how big was the win over Michigan? M. Perez

It was like Viagra for Michigan State in recruiting.

Overnight, it turned heads in the state of Michigan and around the nation.

Hondo, how nice was it for you. After years of saying MSU had to use the pass with teams loading the box, Mel Tucker did it.

Great win. Kyle C.

It was nice to see a Michigan State staff married to winning and not married to their system.

Hondo, was the win today (Saturday) over Michigan the biggest ever in the series?

Jim Jenkins

I don't think biggest ever, but top three all-time versus Michigan for sure.

There you go, everyone. If you have any questions next week after the Michigan State vs. Michigan game, send them. and put in the subject line: MSU Q/A

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