Spartan Nation Mailbag: Rivals, Recruiting Battles, and MSU Basketball

Spartan Nation publisher Hondo S. Carpenter, Sr. is here to answer all your questions regarding Michigan State basketball.
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There was much concern over Juwan Howard and Tom Izzo having to battle for recruits in the state of Michigan, but so far, it appears Howard is going after five-star guys from all over the country while Izzo is sticking with his bread and butter of four-star recruits mostly in the Midwest. Is this still a small sample size or a reasonable expectation for the future? Tyler Hoguet

That is the future. Tom Izzo isn't going to change anything because of Michigan.

Izzo has a long resume of success doing things that way. If they go head-to-head on kids in a 500-mile radius of East Lansing, that will be the battle. I think it is great that they both focus differently. It makes the battles on the court even more intense.

Izzo said the day the NCAA allows for transfers without sitting out a year would be the day he retires. Obviously, that didn't happen. If Tom Izzo were to make good on his promise and retire today (obviously won't happen, but hypothetical), who would replace him?

Tyler Hoguet

That is a great question.

If anyone other than Tom Izzo decides who the next head coach is, it will be a disaster. I will not betray my friendship with Tom. Let me clarify that what I am about to say is MY OPINION, and I AM NOT speaking for Tom. I would think that regardless of what is said publicly, who he would pick would not follow the conventional wisdom of some of those who are already jockeying to be influential on the next coach. The leadership of Michigan State Athletics needs to let Izzo make the call when that day comes.

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