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Spartan Nation Mailbag: Where will Michigan State finish in the Big Ten East?

Spartan Nation publisher Hondo S. Carpenter, Sr. is here to answer all your questions regarding Michigan State football.

Here at Sports Illustrated's Spartan Nation, we endeavor to be one of the fans' most interactive sites. With that in mind, we present your weekly Michigan State Football Questions and email.

Greetings Hondo, It seems that both regionally and nationally, the Spartan Football Team is projected to finish at the bottom of the BIG East Division this season. Do you consider this fall's team to also project at the bottom of the division? Whether yes or no, what is your take? Also, will this keep the "chip on the shoulder" mentality that has worked for the team in the past to continue under Mel Tucker?

Thanks, Go Green! Brad Gray

If Mel Tucker can lead the Michigan State Spartans to a bowl game, it will be a heroic season. The Spartans are not super talented. This program was left in ruins by Mark Dantonio, in my opinion, and just now is Mel Tucker getting to really recruit. I don't think they are at the bottom, but I can see why many folks have them there. They are closer to the bottom than the top.

Hondo, is there a position on this team that is going to be sink or swim? Either really good, or really bad? No middle ground? Ron Parsons

Tight End. Other than quarterback, there is no position on this team, and it's offensive scheme that carries as much weight. For the Spartans to make a bowl game, the tight ends must come along quickly.

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The good news is that there is talent; now, we must see how fast it comes along.

Hondo, who is your favorite player in the 2021 team?

I mean, off of the field, just a great kid? Thank you, Brian West

Maverick Hansen. A super young man and a great youngster.

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