State of Michigan State Athletics Podcast Episode XLIII

On this edition of the state of Michigan State athletics podcast, Spartan Nation senior writer Jon Schopp and publisher Hondo Carpenter discuss what's next for MSU football.
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East Lansing, Mich. – Every week, Sports Illustrated's Spartan Nation takes a deep dive into the State of Michigan State Athletics.

Today, Spartan Nation publisher Hondo S. Carpenter, Sr., and Spartan Nation senior writer Jon Schopp discuss what's next for MSU football. 

After losing back-to-back games against Iowa and Indiana, Mel Tucker made one thing clear. 

"This is compete to play, compete to stay," Tucker said in November. 

He talked about holding players accountable, setting high standards, and establishing a culture. 

Tucker took it a step further, saying, "you can anticipate some movement on our roster," while adding anyone not willing to put forth the effort required will be removed. 

Attrition is expected, especially when a new coach takes over, but Tucker didn't lose a player to the portal until linebacker Marcel Lewis elected to leave on Nov. 16. 

Since then, MSU has lost 26 individuals to the portal but gained 15 scholarship players (17 total) back, including some former top prospects. 

In this week's episode, Carpenter Sr. and Schopp talk about the upcoming season, Tucker, and much more:

  • Are you buying or selling on MSU football in 2021?
  • Are you buying or selling on MSU football long-term?
  • Will the Mel Tucker era be a success?
  • Is Tucker's work in the portal going to help the Spartans?

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