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Around the SEC: QB Jaxson Dart Reportedly Headed to Ole Miss

Former USC quarterback Jaxson Dart is reportedly joining the Rebels.

Former USC quarterback Jaxson Dart recently entered the NCAA transfer portal and seems to have found his next landing spot. According to a report from John Macon Gillespie of The Grove Report, Dart has enrolled as a student at Ole Miss.

There has been no official announcement from Dart yet, but there have been multiple other reports following Gillespie's that indicate Dart is joining the Rebels. Dart has posted several things about Ole Miss on his Twitter account throughout his recruitment process that have hinted that he would be headed to Oxford to continue his college football career, so the news doesn't come as much of a surprise.

Dart is expected to be joined by former USC tight end Michael Trigg, so Lane Kiffin is getting a package deal here.

With former Rebels quarterback Matt Corral departed for the 2022 NFL Draft, Dart brings a similar skill set and a good foundation that should make Ole Miss fans feel good about the transition now that their team's best player is going pro. 

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Like Corral, Dart has shown reliability as a passer (though there is still some room for growth) and has the same type of mobile playmaking ability that Corral brought to the table.

Over six games in the 2021 season, up against a lot of adversity with USC through coaching changes and shortcomings within the roster, Dart completed 117-of-189 passes (61.9%) for 1,353 yards with nine touchdowns and five interceptions—with two touchdowns on the ground.

Of course, Dart still has to win the starting job over Luke Altmyer, but there's a strong chance we see the transfer suiting up to take the first snaps of the season.