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Keyjuan Brown is a class of 2023 running back from South Atlanta High School. The 5-9, 200 pound back picked up an offer from NC State on May 4.

All-Wolfpack recently talked to Brown to discuss the Wolfpack's offer, his plans, and his timetable moving forward. 

All-Wolfpack: Who from NC State reached out to you and how exciting was it to hear from the Wolfpack. 

Brown: It was [Coach] Roper. I'm very excited. I don't know anything really. not right now, but I'm interested in learning some more about them about the program.

All-Wolfpack: How many offers do you hold? 

Brown: I've currently got 25 offers.

All-Wolfpack: Do you have a timetable for narrowing the list or making a decision?

Brown: I wanted to before the season, like during summer, but right now I think I'm going to wait until during the season.

All-Wolfpack: Is there a particular style of play you prefer? Have any schools discussed how they would like to use you? 

Brown: I think like zone, and I could come out and catch too. Not many schools have talked to me about it yet. I remember Wake Forest talked to me about it and South Florida.

All-Wolfpack: What are your academic goals? What type of school are you looking for?

Brown: I want to major in business and get into real estate. I want to feel like at home. It can't be too far from my mom and stuff, so they can come to the game. If I need to go back home, I like if it's not far. If I need help, I know they are going to help me with school and stuff. It doesn't matter what school. I want to come in and play my freshman year.

All-Wolfpack: How well has your team done since you've been there? What is the goal in 2022?

Brown: When I first got here, we really didn't win too many games, so when I first got to high school, we made the first round, but we lost my ninth-grade year. We made the second-round loss and last year we made it to the third round. [There's] nothing left, but a ring.

All-Wolfpack: How do you feel about football? What were your favorite players or teams? 

Brown: I love the game. A hundred percent focused on being locked in. I'm kind of on the quiet side, but if I need to talk, I will. Marshawn Lynch [is my favorite player]. My favorite college is Alabama. I was born in Alabama. I was born in Anniston. I moved in fourth grade.  There's a couple (Alabama fans) up here [in Atlanta]. 

All-Wolfpack: What camps or schools do you hope to check out this summer? 

Brown: I want to try to get to the Rivals camp and just put some work in.

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