Ricky Person Jr. Postgame Press Conference

Brett Friedlander

BLACKSBURG, Va. -- NC State running back Ricky Person Jr. didn't have a lot to say about Saturday's 45-24 loss to Virginia Tech in his postgame virtual media conference. His mind was too focused on something bigger than the outcome ... the injury to teammate Khalid Martin.

Here's what he had to say:

What went wrong offensively and is there anything positive you can take away from this offensive performance?

"We got some momentum at the end of the half, into the second half. It's just something we're going to have to practice this week, work on some new things, tweak it a little bit and get ready for (next week's game at) Pittsburgh."

What was the locker room was like after the game?

"Mainly our concern was for Khalid. Of course we lost the game, but we’ve got to watch tape, learn from our mistakes and get ready for next week."

On why the offense got off to such a slow start

"We kind of hurt ourselves with the penalties, a couple false starts and turning the ball over. It’s just some stuff that we’ve got to fix on our own. They didn’t do nothing special, we just weren’t executing."

What were your emotions when you saw Khalid lying on the field in obvious distress?

"I just feel for Khalid because I know I was once in that spot before. His main concern was us finishing the game, that was something when he was on the ground he kept saying. He kept saying ‘finish the game. Finish the game. Finish the game. It’s not even the fourth quarter yet, guys. I’ll be all right.’ 

"So I just did what any leader would do. I brought the team together and told them what Khalid said and did a special prayer for him. He’ll be back on his feet soon."

Why did the Wolfpack have so much trouble finding a rhythm in the passing game during the first half?

"We just didn’t execute. ... We just hurt ourselves with the penalties. We’ve got to do better."

Was it encouraging to hear Khalid tell you to keep playing going inspite of his injury?

"It just shows our true character and how we love each other inside the locker room. It’s more than just a football team. It’s a brotherhood. We actually care for Khalid. We care for everybody on the team like our own brother. With that being said, when Khalid said ‘go finish the job,’ I told the boys ‘we’ve got to finish the job for Khalid.’"

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