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Over 50 members of the 1970 and '71 Nebraska and Oklahoma teams got together at an event prior to the 2022 game in Lincoln including Coach Tom Osborne and Barry Switzer. 

The evening's agenda included panel discussions from offensive and defensive leaders and awards from the Orange Bowl Committee and the new Mike "Red" Beran award, which was given to Jerry Murtaugh, who was a member of the 1970 team and is the founder of the Nebraska Greats Foundation

The Nebraska Greats Foundation is patterned after Mike Ditka's Gridiron Greats Foundation and provides financial assistance to athletes from all colleges in Nebraska to pay for medical bills incurred after their playing days. The first recipient was David Humm, who had multiple sclerosis. 

Mike "Red" Baron - Jerry Murtaugh

Jerry Murtaugh accepting the Mike "Red" Baron award on behalf of the Nebraska Greats Foundation. Here is my Jerry Murtaugh interview. 

Members of the Orange Bowl Committee were present and presented commemorative footballs to Johnny Pitts and Willie Harper. 

Orange Bowl Committee presenting to Johnny Pitts and Willie Harper

Johnny Pitts and Willie Harper with footballs presented by the Orange Bowl Committee.

The event was sponsored by the Career Achievement Plaques headed by the father-son combination of Tony and Josh Davis. Bob Newton received his at the event. 

Bob Newton Career Achievement Plaque

Bob Newton from the '70 and '71 teams with his Career Achievement Plaque. 

Ron Brown gave the invocation and Ahman Green shared his thoughts as a board member of player alumni group. 

Ron Brown

Ron Brown gave the invocation. 

Ahman Green

Ahman Green talked about the Husker Player Alumni Association. 

Here are some player and coach photos. 

Jerry Tagge - Rich Glover

Quarterback Jerry Tagge and middle guard Rich Glover. 

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John Adkins, Jeff Kinney, Daryl White

John Adkins, Jeff Kinney and Daryl White

Larry Jacobson and Willie Harper

Larry Jacobson and Willie Harper with their wives. Here are my Larry Jacobson and Willie Harper interviews 

John Winter, Bob Newton, Bob Winter

John Winter, Bob Newton and Bob Winter. John and Bob are brothers of Wally Winter. 

Bob and Mrs. Terrio with Linda Blahak on his left

Bob Terrio with his wife on his right and Linda Blahak on his left. Here are my Bob Terrio and Joe Blahak interviews. 

Barry Switzer, Tom Osborne, Tony Davis

Barry Switzer, Tom Osborne and Tony Davis

70-71 Nebraska Team Defense Panel Discussion

Oklahoma and Nebraska players in a panel discussion. 

Tom Osborne and Barry Switzer

Tom Osborne and Barry Switzer in front of their Career Achievement Plaques. 

Multiple players with Johnny Rodgers

Group photo with Johnny Rodgers. 

Group picture with Tom Osborne

Group photo with Tom Osborne. 

70-71 Nebraska Team Picture 9/16/2022

Team photo of the over 50 members from the '70-71 teams in attendance. 

This was a great event and there was a lot hugging going on from teammates who had not seen each other in decades. The Nebraska-Oklahoma rivalry is a very rich one of two teams that have great mutual respect for each other and had the honor of being part of the Game of the Century. It's unfortunate they won't be playing each other again until 2029 and 2030.