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The fading spirit of E Pluribus Unum, to which many generations of Americans once aspired, was very much alive at Lincoln’s Rococo Theatre on May 12, during the premiere of a new documentary about the glory years of Nebraska football under Tom Osborne.

A good representation of players from the 1990s came together to watch the Huskers’ version of the anticipated “30 by 30” film that ESPN never got around to finishing. Produced by nationally known filmmaker Justin LePera and former Huskers Mark Brungardt and Josh Davis, this is actually the first of two episodes, titled “Day By Day: The Rise.”

As Jack Stark and Vershan Jackson demonstrate in the photo at the top of this page, the regathering of 1990s Huskers bridged generational and racial gaps like nobody’s business. They also illustrate two big reasons the Huskers were successful — innovative genius and gritty blue-collar physicality. Stark helped pioneer sports psychology at NU, and Jackson, a running back and linebacker out of Omaha South High School, became a blocking tight end who helped blow open holes for I-backs Ahman Green, Clinton Childs and Damon Benning to ramble through, and still could surprise opponents as a red zone receiving threat.

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Vershan Jackson with Jared Tomich and family
Clester Johnson and coach Tom Osborne
rowd gathers for Day by Day movie premiere
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