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Join us for this episode of the Doc Talk Podcast, brought to you by Betfred Sports, as hosts Travis Justice and Dr. Rob Zatechka delve into the fascinating journey of Tony Veland. Beginning his career as a quarterback at Nebraska, Veland climbed the depth chart to earn the top spot before an injury sidelined him at the start of the 1993 season. Enter Tommie Frazier, and the rest is history.

But Veland's story didn't end there. A natural athlete, he made a pivotal decision to switch to defense, a move that contributed to two consecutive national titles for the Huskers under the guidance of coach Tom Osborne. His talents didn't go unnoticed, leading to being drafted by the Denver Broncos and a subsequent Super Bowl victory.

Despite facing adversity, including a gunshot wound in 2011, Veland's passion for football remains undiminished. In our interview, he shares personal anecdotes about his experiences on and off the field. Today, he imparts his knowledge as a coach for the Warren Academy, a youth development league founded by former Husker Steve Warren.

From football triumphs to life's challenges, our conversation with Veland covers it all.