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Trev Alberts: Apathy Is the Enemy of Excellence

He explains the worst possible outcome from Husker fans as well as Nebraska football

As always, watch the video above first and then hear me out.

Trev said a few things in this interview that I found very interesting. The first thing that I appreciated was that he acknowledged the good, the bad and even the ugly about our insanely, obsessed fan base. It shows a sign of maturity, a lack of bullshit, and a respect for the intelligence of (most) Husker fans.

While I liked Bill Moos in the way I like my fun, often inebriated uncle, I enjoy Trev for treating me like an adult. He's self aware, and in that, he's honest about what it means to be a student athlete, a coach, an administrator and a fan.

Trev gets it. (This should be a shirt.)

My favorite thing he said was the quote I used for the title. "Apathy is the enemy of excellence". It's one of those Swiss army knives of quotes like "It is what it is", "you gotta do what you gotta do", and "Iowa Sucks".

I agree that if fans become apathetic then the players will too, more than likely anyway. I mean I'm not a fortune teller, but If I were a betting man I'd guess the program would be 1,000 times worse than it is now if we stopped showing up for games. It's our only real selling point left.

However, at the end of the day (another multi tool of a line) I wish players (and people in general) would be less motivated by outer elements and spend more time inspiring themselves, but let's be honest, that's just not how people tend to work. Even the dudes who say they are - probably aren't. They are just seeking your approval by trying to appear self sufficient.

I think we are in good hands with Mr. Alberts but only time will tell (another one).

So what do we want to see happen? How much longer are we willing to keep this ride-or-die pride going? I'm really interested in your thoughts. Comment on this article what you think or hit me up on social media.

I'd include a poll but I don't know how and I refuse to ask Dave.

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