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Bryan Driskell

Notre Dame is off to a blazing hot start on offense in the 2021 class, and its only defensive commit is a Top 100 recruit. The Irish have a chance to land one of the nation’s premier classes, one that will close the gap between Notre Dame and other title contenders.

Over the next two days I'll be releasing breakdowns of the seven commits in the class, which will conclude with a full ranking of the class.

I'll begin with the top graded player in the class.

Tyler Buchner, QB, San Diego (Calif.) The Bishop’s School

Rivals: No. 42
ESPN: 50
247Sports: No. 103

Irish Breakdown Grade: 5.0 (Top 25 national player)
Upside Grade: 5.0

Analysis: Buchner had a monster junior season, throwing for 4,474 yards, 53 touchdowns and getting picked off just six times. He’s an advanced passer that still has plenty of room to improve from both a physical and technical aspect. 

The 6-2, 200-pound quarterback plays with a great deal of swagger and is clearly incredibly confident in his talent. Both are traits I desire in a quarterback. In the limited interactions I've had with Buchner he comes across as humble yet engaging off the field.

Buchner does not have a bazooka for an arm, but it still grades out well. What makes his arm talent elite on my grading scale is that he combines an extremely quick release with his natural arm strength. His throwing motion reminds me of a right-handed version of Tua Tagovailoa in that it’s a bit low and long, but extremely fast.

In the above clip you can see Buchner's quick release, and his ability to quickly set his feet when he's ready to throw. His base in the pocket is impressive, he's mobile, his footwork allows him to quickly get in throwing position and he shows poise and a good feel for how to handle pressure.

Not since Jimmy Clausen have I seen a Notre Dame quarterback prospect show the advanced feel for playing the position that Buchner did as a junior. He shows advanced anticipation and timing. There is snap after snap on film where Buchner is releasing the ball before his receiver is out of his break, and there are downfield throws where the receiver is just getting into his top end when Buchner lets the ball go. His ability to throw receivers open is on the level you’d expect from a college quarterback, not a high school junior.

This clip is just one example. The wide receiver is just getting into the top end of his curl route when Buchner starts throwing the football. Even if the defensive back read the route perfectly the timing of the throw would have made it incredibly hard to make a play on the ball.

One area where I’d like to see Buchner improve is that he has a tendency to come off his back foot too early and throws too much off his front foot. You can see it in the above clip. This can alter his release point, which leads to some bouts of inaccuracy. He’s not inaccurate from a completion-incompletion standpoint in high school, but his ball placement isn’t as good as it can be and needs to be at the next level. If he can clean this up his precision as a passer will take off.

Buchner is incredibly diverse. He can play a clean game from the pocket, he can be a gunslinger that changes arm angles and throws on the move, and he look like a run-throw quarterback, evidenced by his 1,610 rushing yards and 28 rushing touchdowns. He is extremely quick getting downhill as a runner, he’s elusive and the native of California has the long speed needed to rip off long runs.

Buchner's combination of athleticism, arm talent, high football IQ and production is truly elite. I rarely grade out juniors as five stars, but there's literally not a weakness to his game right now from a physical or mental standpoint. He'll need more experience and he must continue to clean up his footwork, which could cause him a few more problems against better competition, but the raw tools that Buchner bring to the game are special.

Junior Highlights


Size/Frame: 86
Strength/Toughness: 87
Arm Talent: 93
Mechanics: 87
Accuracy: 88
Pocket Presence: 93
Athleticism: 88
Intangibles: 90


90-100 – Elite
80-89 – Very Good to Outstanding
70-79 – Solid to Above Average
60-69 – Below Average to Average
50-59 – Poor


5.0 – Elite (Top 25 Caliber Player)
4.5 – Outstanding (Top 50 Caliber Player)
4.0 – Very Good (Top 250 Caliber Player)
3.5 – Above Average (Top 350 Caliber Player)
3.0 – Solid (Top 500 Caliber Player or Lower)

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No. 1-8

I hope he is as good as what people are saying


I really love this kids game. Clausen was pretty good too.


He's like the love child of Clausen and Wimbush. :)


Is there an explanation for the Irish breakdown and upside grading available anywhere? Would be curious to see how that's calculated. Regardless the kid clearly has a ton of talent and I'm excited to see what he can do at ND.

Irish For Life
Irish For Life

Imagine how much better he could be after the ND strength program. The possibilities are captivating.


Let's hope Kelly doesn't see a projected to be polished and starts jacking with his mechanics thus destroying his confidence.


Coach Ik he’s still a junior but who does it seem like has a higher ceiling as a prospect Buchner or Jurkovec coming out of highschool?


Any early inclination if he has plans to be an early enrollee?

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