College Football Players Make Their Voices Heard: Let Them Play

Bryan Driskell

It appears the fall college football season is going to be canceled, at least if you believe the reports from a number of prominent reporters that cover the sport.

Led by the Big Ten, there's a push coming from many school president's and some conference commissioners to push the season back to the spring. Of course, there's no guarantee that anything will change in the spring relative to the reasons they are concerned about playing now.

College football players are speaking up about the notion their season will be canceled. Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence was one of the loudest voices. Lawrence, of course, is projected to be the No. 1 overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft, and he could skip the season and still be the top pick. Lawrence has nothing to prove this season, but he wants to play.

His tweets showed a level of maturity and understanding of the situation that is often missing from the "leaders" in the sport.

Lawrence isn't the only Clemson player to voice a desire to play. The final tweet by Lawrence was also shared by Ohio State quarterback Justin Fields, a player contending with Lawrence for the top QB in the nation honor, and the No. 1 overall pick position.

Fields also had this to say on twitter:

Ohio State running back Master Teague has been a tremendous representative of that program, and not surprisingly, he's had plenty to say about the notion of canceling the season.

Ohio State parents have also gotten into the mix.

Florida running back Lorenzo Lingard Jr. had a short but moving tweet that speaks to the realities of canceling the season, which could create more risk for players than playing.

Florida State defensive Marvin Wilson, a projected first round pick that returned to college for his senior season instead of going to the NFL, also wants to play.

Pitt defensive end Rashad Weaver asked a great question.

It would take way too much time and space to include all the tweets from college football players about their desire to play. Not just their desire to play, but their desire to be heard and have a choice in whether or not they play.

Notre Dame players got into the action as well.

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Comments (10)
No. 1-4

I'm surprised it got this far... the writing has been on the wall for a long time that the season would be canceled. It's funny that the big powers had to wait for the MAC to cancel to give themselves a 'plausible' public rationale for canceling ("Well, the MAC canceled the season...") . Too bad for the players, nobody that has a say in the decision cares what they think about playing.


This is ridiculous. Let the players decide what's in their best interest. If they want to play let them. This is just going to far.


Big 10 cancelled their season.

Irish For Life
Irish For Life

If we "follow the science" then #LetThemPlay. They can come back to school for classes but football is too "risky." It makes no sense. Honor the players list of requests that Trevor Lawrence posted. Anyone who determines they want to sit out can without being pressured or losing a year of eligibility.