Notre Dame Football Had 18 Positive Covid-19 Tests Last Week

Bryan Driskell

Notre Dame has finally released the results of its COVID-19 testing from last week that led to the program postponing its planned Sept. 26 matchup against Wake Forest.

According to the release, Notre Dame performed 273 tests on its student-athletes, and of those tests there were a total of 18 positives.

Notre Dame said those 18 players are in isolation, and seven of those who tested positive were already quarantined due to previous contact tracing of someone else who tested positive.

The release stated there are currently 25 players currently in isolation, and another 14 have been quarantined due to contact tracing.

Notre Dame had a 99% negative test rate prior to the recent surge in cases, which as stated above ultimately led to the team postponing its game at Wake Forest.

Based on the timing of the positive tests and the upcoming bye week, it would seem the vast majority of players will be back in time to be ready for the Oct. 10 home contest against Florida State.

According to my sources, Notre Dame believes its well on its way to being in position to play that game as scheduled.

Based on current rules and the science behind them, once players who test positive are cleared through various protocols they do not get tested again for 90 days.


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Comments (14)
No. 1-6

Hopefully this will be just a bizarre footnote to an already bizarre season. I am so glad that we have football back. It makes the real world so much more tolerable!


The team is approaching low grade herd immunity at this point so there is some good that comes from this.


My wife and I both had the pleasure of having Covid 19...We totally misbehaved and deserved to get it...Both of us had limited symptoms..tired..headache....isolated for 10 days....Clemson and LSU were smart they practiced little precautions...these healthy athletes processed it and are good to go....Btw...we are 75 years old...but don't weigh 300lbs, don't have heart or lung disease or diabetes...those folks that do have to be careful...just like getting a flu shot every year.....Let's develop that herd immunity and go play football and go to class in person.


Any ideas what the team will be doing differently going forward to prevent another outbreak?


But did anyone actually get sick?


Have the players who tested positive been in isolation this whole last week? Or did the clock start for them today?