Notre Dame Finally Has A Full 2020 Football Schedule

Bryan Driskell

Notre Dame’s full 2020 schedule is finally out, and there are some major changes to the docket. The big headline from today’s release is that Notre Dame will not be playing Navy. Notre Dame’s non-conference game will be a Sept. 19 matchup against Western Michigan.

That means Notre Dame will not be playing any of its long-time rivals (USC, Navy) this season. Here is the Notre Dame schedule.

Sept. 12 - vs. Duke
Sept. 19 - vs. Western Michigan
Sept. 26 - at Wake Forest
Oct. 3 - Bye Week
Oct. 10 - vs. Florida State
Oct. 17 - vs. Louisville
Oct. 24 - at Pittsburgh
Oct. 31 - at Georgia Tech
Nov. 7 - vs. Clemson
Nov. 14 - at Boston College
Nov. 21 - Bye Week
Nov. 27 - at North Carolina (Friday)
Dec. 5 - Syracuse

Notre Dame’s schedule has a much different look, but there are three games that stayed in their previous slots. The Sept. 19 game against Western Michigan, the Sept. 26 matchup at Wake Forest and the Nov. 7 contest against Clemson.

Keeping the Clemson/Notre Dame game in November was a bit of a surprise. There was some talk about moving that game earlier into the season, but that did not happen, and it could be a positive for the Irish. Getting Clemson to come to South Bend in November, when it is usually very cold, could be a bonus.

Notre Dame’s traditional Thanksgiving game will not be a road contest against USC or Stanford, it will be a road matchup against North Carolina. That contest will be on a Friday night.

Notre Dame will be finishing its season at home for the first time since 1993. The Fighting Irish will play Syracuse at home on Dec. 5 to finish this season.

The Fighting Irish start the season with a pair of winnable home games against Duke and Western Michigan before hitting the road against Wake Forest. Notre Dame then has a bye week before Florida State. Notre Dame’s other bye week is after a Nov. 14 road contest against Boston College. It will be the week before the previously mentioned road contests against the Tar Heels.

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Comments (19)
No. 1-9

Louisville and Pittsburgh back to back worries me. Hope strict protocols remain in place and people use science rather than fear so we can enjoy football this fall.


Im shocked they kept the ND Clemson game in November




those first 3 games in October will not be easy. Those are 3 very good teams each presenting different obstacles" FSU , a lot of talent...Louisville, excellent offense, Pitt, a top 10 defense


Of course they had to fit BC in right after the Clemson game...


I’m celebrating no Navy. It’s a trap game. Someone always gets hurt. No triple option teams on the schedule when briefly we had 2 with GT a couple years ago.


If we get to November, it could be one of the most interesting months of Irish football in recent history. We start with Clemson. No reason not to think that both teams could be undefeated and ranked in the Top 4. We travel the next week to BC, and there’s a chance that not only could PJ be starting, making for a story that will be on every sports broadcast across the country, but the guy might by that time have developed into one of the best QBs in the ACC. Then we end the month in Chapel Hill, and I have to think that with an excellent QB leading the charge for a reinvigorated program, the Irish could be battling it out with the Heels for a spot in the ACC championship game. None of this is far-fetched. Our real season may not start till November 7.


Schedule sets up the Irish to enter the Clemson game hopefully undefeated which will be one of the bigger regular season games we have had in a while. Louisville and Pitt back to back is a little difficult but we should win both of those games. I would go to the Boston College game if fans are allowed. That's a game I cant wait to see. I will be rooting for Phil to play great all year long. I like the kid a lot and think Brian Kelly and this program did not do right by him.


Interesting that ND goes to Chapel Hill and UNC for a Friday game the day after Thanksgiving. Does the ACC already think that this will be a special enough game for it to be televised on Friday night?

Also, it looks like the ACC championship game is scheduled for the 12th or 19th December. The 19th might be better. If ND does play a full schedule this fall and qualifies for a major bowl, they will not have to wait six weeks between their last game and the bowl game, which would ordinarily be the case.