ACC Announces Support For One-Time Transfer Rule Change

The league becomes the second Power 5 conference to support this potential rule change
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The Atlantic Coast Conference has become the second Power 5 conference to support a rule change that would allow student-athletes a one-transfer transfer opportunity. Here is the statement from the ACC:

“During the league’s annual winter meetings (February 12-14) the ACC discussed the transfer environment and unanimously concluded that as a matter of principle we support a one-time transfer opportunity for all student-athletes regardless of sport. As a conference, we look forward to continuing the discussion nationally.”

Under current rules, student-athletes that choose to transfer from one FBS institution to another must sit out a year before they are eligible to play. They can practice with their new team but they cannot play for a season.

What is being pushed for is a new rule that would allow players to transfer once without penalty. The ACC now joins the Big Ten in support of a one-time transfer rule. Notre Dame is an ACC member in every sport except for football.

While the leagues are stating this in a way that comes across as player-friendly, I contend it is a rule that would benefits the coaches and teams far more than players, and that's ultimately what this is about. 

This transfer rule opens up a new talent-pool for teams to tap into. The best teams can now poach players from inferior teams in their league, and those teams could then start raiding other programs, including Group of Six programs.

This would also make it easier for teams to nudge players out of their programs in an attempt to open up scholarships for incoming recruits. While being masked as a rule that will allow players who were lied to, or players that are buried on the depth chart to find new opportunities, it will go far, far beyond that, and smart coaches and administrators know this.

Here is a recent podcast I had on the issue.