Brian Kelly Must Go Back To His Roots And Fix The Notre Dame Offense

The latest Irish Breakdown podcast discusses why Brian Kelly must go back to his roots to fix the Notre Dame offense
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Notre Dame has built a defense capable of competing for a national championship, and now it is time for head coach Brian Kelly to get the Notre Dame offense playing at that level.

The latest Irish Breakdown podcast, football analyst Vince DeDario and publisher Bryan Driskell discuss what this means for Notre Dame.

The podcast was drawn from an article that was previously published at Irish Breakdown. After watching Alabama score 52 points in the national title game against Ohio State, it further amplified the points made in the article, and we wanted to dive further into them in podcast form.

We talk about Kelly's background, and why a change is not out of the question. He had to change in the first place to get where they are now. Will he do it? We'll have to wait and see, but if Kelly does in fact make the necessary changes it could be the final piece to Notre Dame getting over that final hump and competing for a national championship.

To read the article this podcast drew from click HERE. In it you'll see the numbers we discussed in the podcast regarding Kelly's offenses at Grand Valley State and Cincinnati, and more about how the current title contenders are scoring at such a high rate.

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